Renewable Energy

Producing Clean Energy for a More Sustainable Future.


Today the world is primarily using fossil fuels as a source of electricity, heat and power. However eventually these limited sources of energy will be exhausted and as convenient as the use of fossil fuels are to energy production, this source of energy has many adverse consequences, with the main two being the detrimental effects on our planet and health.

The sustainable sources of energy within the renewable energy sector can contribute to lowering the amount of air pollution and other harmful effects created by our traditional use of non-renewable energy. They can also resolve the continuing concerns about the sustainability of fossil fuels and nuclear power. KPM are proud to be of assistance to the positive influence that renewable energy has on our world today, and what will be a huge provider to the earth in the future.


Roles We Recruit

  • Wind Turbine Engineer
  • Solar PV install Manager
  • Design Engineer
  • Blade Repair Manager
  • Solar O&M Manager


Contributing to the ever-growing portion of the world’s electricity, the wind sector is a driving force of clean unlimited energy. Wind technology has advanced further with new cost effective and highly efficient technology being created to continue driving the wind sector further forward and better contributing to a rise in wind farm developments.


Using a combination of heat and light captured from the sun, solar power is one of the most sustainable sources of energy today. The rapid advancement in technology overtime has provided us with multiple methods with which to utilise this abundant resource. Here at KPM, we recruit across the complete solar sector for job roles from initial manufacturing through to installation.


Hydropower is a major contributor to global energy supplies. For what is a well-established technology in the renewable energy sector, it provides a sixth of the world’s annual electrical output. This source of renewable energy uses water to either power machinery or provide electricity. There are several types of hydropower facilities being utilised around the world, all powered using the kinetic energy from flowing water.


Our seas contain an abundance of energy in the form of moving water. With this fast-growing method of sustainable energy, tidal power has the potential for future electricity generation on a large scale. From researchers through to engineers, KPM can provide a range of workforce solutions within the sector of tidal energy.


Biomass is a renewable energy source generated from burning wood, plants and other forms of organic matter. Known for its versatility, biomass fuels can be used to generate electricity and heat in combination with power units. Laboratories and renewable energy industries are continuously finding solutions related to the production and use of biomass for energy use. At KPM, we work with various clients within the biomass sector, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.


Geothermal energy is a significant player in the ever-growing sustainable energy industry. It is energy generated from the heat contained in the earth (specifically known as geothermal). This heat uses the steam and warm water that rises naturally from underground reservoirs. Developing these reservoirs require a range of skilled individuals from geologists to drillers.

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